stringer question

Hello Everyone,

I am shaping a board with a swallow tail right now, and am having trouble figuring out how to go about shaving down the stringer in the swallow tail. How do you all go about doing this?

How much do you have to shave it down?  A little, I would use a triangular file to get in the crack of the swallowtail.  A lot, I would just plane it down until its close enough to use a file to clean it up.  But I build mostly wood boards - there are lots of experienced foam shapers here who know how to deal with this - consider my reply a bump to get your question back up top again.

There has been a lot of discussion of shaping fish tails in the past, try the search function and see what you can bring up.

BTW, questions always get more responses when there are pictures attached =)

small round wood rasp for getting into the butt crack

I’ve used the following.

Coping saw to get the basic contour, followed by a rat tail file and then an appropriate size dowel wrapped in sand paper.  Concintrate on the stringer and be careful not to gouge the foam.

“rat tail file”, just the same as in French: “râpe queue de rat”… The ultimate weapon…