hi there,

I’m working on a sculpture using a basic polyurethane-foam/fiberglass/epoxy process much like making a surfboard. I want to insert some wood in the center of the piece like a “stringer” but I’m not sure how to do it. Do stringers go all the way throught the board? Are there any tricks for inerting or attaching? What do they do structurally to a surboard? DO I need to glue the wood to the foam before I glass the piece? DO I need a special glue or can I use the same epoxy that Im using to coat the foam? Is there someone in So. Cal who would let me watch them work? (I’m in LA) dont want to screw up my piece that i’ve already started shaping.

much obliged for info.


Stringers have a specific role in the structure of a surfboard. Generally they are glued to the foam after it has been cut into two halves. I don’t have any idea of how is your art work, but if you send me a drawing or a short explanation, I could suggest something adequated to your needs. Among some solutions, I could point wire, woodsticks, or even resin filled holes. All of these suggestions depend on the kind of structure you are working on. Go ahead!

The stringers go all the way through the board, and are used to increase tensil strength. (inhibit flex). Epoxy will work to glue stringer to foam. The foam and stringer are shaped together during the sculpting of the surfboard.

In surfboards, the foam blank is cut lengthwise, the stringer or stringers are prepared with resin, and then everything is clamped together. No tricks, all very logical. Doug