Can anyone tell me what I use to glue the stringers in on a EPS blank? what kind of glue, and what kin dof stringer…PVC right? Any info would be great thanks!


There are several types of glue that work well with EPS- depending on what material you use for your stringers. I’ve done glue-ups with balsa, poplar, paper, mahogony, PVC… probably a couple of other wood types that are slippingmy mind. Most of the time, I’ll use an expanding PU glue that’s primarily for woodworking. The expansion fills the little voids and gives a great bond, and if you get a type that’s quite liquid, and apply a thin coat, then the difference in color between the wood and the foam isn’t an issue. With the lighter woods, it just blends right in, and with the darker woods it looks like a regular glue-line.

With paper stringers (on shorter boards and as off-sets, or as T-band parts) normal white woodworking glue works just fine. You need to be careful that your stringer cuts are near-perfect as there is no expansion to fill voids, but the hold is fine and it’s clean. The wood glue works okay with wood as well, in fact I can’t really tell you why I generally use it only with the paper.

As a note, most of my shapes are in heavier density EPS. I’m assuming that the PU type glue would work better on the lower density stuff.

It’s got a longish set time but Gorilla Glue works well and is easy to find. It foams to fill small gaps and doesn’t react with resin.

try “Sumo glue” made by locktite, similar to gorilla glue but the sumo cures white.

I’ve personally found that PVC stringers don’t bond all that well and just use the pvc to make templates now.

pretty much any type of wood will work, cheap and easy is 1/8 birch plywood.


Curious where you’re located and where you get your PVC…also cost per what size sheet.

Thanks…I’m around Santa Barbara.

Hey DS, I’m in Nova Scotia. I got the PVC (komatex) from a sign making company. pretty much any sign making supplier will carry it and comes in almost any colour you want. was about $30 for a 4’x8’ x1/8 sheet but this was really cheap as it was old stock they wanted to get rid of (ask about it). normal price I think was about $80 CAD. This may vary a lot from Cali as we are pretty out of the way up here and everything costs more. stuff comes with a shiny slick skin on either side and I may have had better results if I had sanded or planned this off.


Thanks…yep, roughing up the surface would definitely be advisable before gluing up. If you don’t get a chemical bond the roughing up provides for (at least) a mechanical bond.



where do you get your stringer material ? I am in camarillo/Ventura area and I’m interested in wood perimeter stringer material.

Try Chuck Barfoot in Ventura (Barfoot Skateboards). He also cuts EPS blanks, lives up at La Conchita.


Try Chuck Barfoot in Ventura (Barfoot Skateboards). He also cuts EPS blanks, lives up at La Conchita.

Chuck is a great resource.

I like to use Epoxy with QCELL. Fills the gaps and easy to apply.

A lot of glues gum up. Stay away from Roo.