stripped out futures box

A kid wants me to repair a stripped out futures box. Has anyone tried filling the screw hole with an epoxy product like jb weld and redrilling and tapping a new hole? Replacing the box looks like major surgery. Thanks

Here is one way to approach the problem. Drill out the hole an 1/8" oversize. fill the area inside the box with plaster of paris with a piece of mylar standing vertically inside the end of the box. Build a little damn inside the fin box with a cedar shake and tape so you only need a little bit of plaster at the end of the box. Tip the board up so you have gravity working for you and pour an epoxy fiberglass fines mix (heavy on the fines) into the hole. The plaster should be fairly easy to break out after the epoxy plug cures. You should be able to drill and tap this out at very close to the same angle as the original without too much trouble. You’ll have to go real slow on the taping process. I don’t think they make threaded sleaves for an allen screw the size you need but if one is available that would make the whole process more simple. Just drill, epoxy the sleeve in and grind it down. Let me know how things work out for you. I think it’s a great system. Unfortunately some folk have very heavy hands and others put the wrong allen screw and destroy the treads. Mahalo, Rich

go to the hardware store and find a stainless set screw the next size up or close, see what you can get before you tap the hole. tap the hole that size. you’re in bizniz.

…JR’s way is a sound method.I’ve had striped box screw holes in FCS plugs before,and just filled it with dingleberries(or epoxy)with the screw in place .When it dried ,I just unscrewed it.The secret tip is to wax the screw so it releases easily,and doesn’t break out your glue.Herb.