Structural decorative fabrics! A whole new world?

Have just received some samples from this company.

There must be some stuff like this in other parts of the world?

How cool are the coloured glass and carbon twill cloths? I was going to save this for myself and WOW the world with some boards with the funky coloured cloths. Actually with my standard of building the WOW factor would be severly reduced and might actually detract from the overall effect. But coloured resin work might well be reduced and with the creative flare of Sways and its denizens there might be some fun to be had.

Look at Holographic carbon fabrics. samples on the way will post when they arrive.

I am going to do a board with one of these soon and will post the results. If anyone wants some samples I’ll happily post them off by mail (assuming there are not too many requests!)

Follow the links:


Decorative fabrics

Must be some mileage in this!

hi rikds ,seabase used to sell silver texilium and blue and black coloured cloth as well, i have still got some of the silver and blue , did you get any of the carbon/dyneema sample , that sounds like good stuff, you probabally have to buy rolls of it, but you only need a couple of meters to try it out, pete

They look great, the exciting sounding fabrics don’t have pictures though. what kind of samples are you getting. Fin panel size or deck inlay size? Either way I’d be keen to have a go!

As soon as the samples arrive I will post the details. I’ve no idea how pictures of fabric would turn out but will give it a go.

in Germany too they have some ill stuff on the web!!

Will try once i can make a decent looking board that is strong


they use to have colored fiberglass cloth in the 70’s…i wasnt around but some of my mentors told me about it.

they said the problem with it was that it looked like drained out color work. maybe this is different though. post some pics up when you get the samples!