Styro Blank materials

I want to make a styro blank. Where are you guys getting white extruded foam? Or even white expanded stryro? Can’t seem to find any.

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hello Stu, the east coast seems to have an abundance of extruded foam in the hardware stores, but the stores in N Cal only carry the white beaded type 1 stuff (low density not very strong). Its rained about once in 5 months in silicon valley and I suspect this is the reason they don’t stock the water resistant extruded foam. fiberglass hawaii in santa cruz have beaded eps (presumably higher density and bigger slabs too) however I have built from hi density extruded spyder foam from Aerospace Composite Products in Livermore - very strong but heavy - similar weight to clark. I just bought some Dow wallmate from Bob’s foam in Fremont - mid weight. both the above are expensive I called every single store suggested by Owen’s Corning customer assistance and none of them stocked it although Owen’s Corning said they did supply N Cal. One home depot said they could order some but with a minimum of something like 70 sheets :frowning: if anyone knows any other sources I would like to know.

I originally had a tough time locating it. Google “Insulfoam”. Apparently they make all EDRO machined EPS, meaning it sands smooth w/o tearout. They have about seven plants in the US. Contact Insulfoam and they should refer you to a local distributor. I special orderd a 12’ chunk from the Kent, Washington plant that was run through a distributor in Portland, OR. Standard size is a 8’ billet. Cost for the special order was $2.50 per cubic foot. Gary Geist

Stu, Where are you located?

I am located in San Clemente. Do you know what EDRO foam is, the stuff staded above in a previous response? The XTR seems to have tear out and delam problems. Any help is appreciated Greg.

You can buy blanks in So. Cal from Beatty Products in Santa Barbara. If you want to make your own, Insulfoam in Chino has what you need.