Styro Blanks

What is the verdict? Are there any people selling good quality blanks? I bout one from Javier at epoxy pro, but it didn’t hold up. I also didn’t like the stringer. So, are there any blanks that are high quality with no delam problems. I have tried a few epoxies on XTR blanks, it doesn’t make much difference. I do prefer Gregs resin…but I need a high quality blank!!

Why not just use a regular Clark foam blank?

Jayru, I’ve got a much better blank, any stringer combo, any rocker. I started shaping one of the 2# density, it is bullet proof! Prices the same as Clarks for the 9’6"

Jim, I’m interested in a big boy blank. Say in the 10’6" range. I’m in Santa Cruz, but I can pick up in SoCal. Let me know what you can do for me.

try a polystyrene factory …they will have computerised profile cutters any shape any size,13 you can get densities ranging from 13 to 28 kilo per cubic meter …your average urethane is 55 to 70 kilo per m3…if they cant cut the profiles you want you may need to locate someone with autocad or mac surf to design your curves then give the information to the foam cutters dont forget the foam cutters deal with a whole range of industries and have no idea about surfboards…thats for expanded polystyrene …if you want extruded polystyrene try an insulation specialist …salomons new boards are built from 30 kilo m3 standard insulation foam from csr …you can have fun figuring out how they got the product from that foam …also if your having delam problems either vent your boards or groove your foam for better bonding …ok hope this helps regards BERT {‘;’} lifes fun go surfing…

Hey Al, I don’t think Jim’s blanks go bigger than 9’6" but at 3 7/8" that would be one mean paddling machine.

I like jims stuff a lot but I don’t think he’s presently going over 9’6". Insulfoam has a plant in Davis and I’m sure they deliver to Santa Cruz. You’ll have to hot wire it yourself and put a stringer in. I don’t know, maybe you can get Jim to do the whole thing.

HDX has several different blanks for sale. What size and template are you looking for. Also, do you want EPS or XPS. We offer 2 types of XPS and have had NO delam problems.

Jeff, Do you offer EPS as well?

I’m looking for an EPS. I need one in the 10’6" range. I’m looking to make myself an all round longboard. It will need to be around 4" thick, and 24" wide, in order the get the 3 5/8 thickness that I’m after in the board. I tried to find that place up in Davis. I even had a friend that lives up that way look for me. I could not find it, and neather could he. I would not have any problems cutting for the stringer but I have no idea where to get the wood for a stringer.

Bagman, way too much board for this type of foam, it will float too well and ride like an ice chest

Sure do Greg. That’s what I used the resin research for!! Works like a champ. Bagman, if you want to duplicate a board that is made out of PU, you’ll need to thin out the EPS blank. If you went with your measurements, you may need to get a CF # for it!! [smile]

Jim & Jeff, Ok guys I surf 11’ 23 1/2 wide, and 3 3/4 thick. This is my all around board. It is glass with 2X7.5 volan top and bottom on Classic foam. It is getting too heavy for me to carry. The board has not changed weight but my arms are getting older. Can one of you give me the numbers that I should be looking at for one of the lighter boards? I’m just trying to surf a little longer. I’m not trying to set outside and catch every wave that comes through. I don’t get to surf as much as I would like but I still like to catch a few waves every now and then. Any help would be great.

Jim and Jeff, one more thing while I have your ear. I have surfed the Apia Sting, by Boardworks. It is 10’2" long and 3 7/8 thick. The thing that I did not like about that board was it has too much rocker, for the way I surf, the Velzy 10 foot SurfTec is way too corkey. I have also surfed the Surftec 10’6", as well as the 11" both of these boards are in the 3 3/4 inch thick range. These boards catch waves very nice but do not turn like I like, I also do not like the concave nose, or the way they trim. If I were able I would go to one of these shapers and tell them what I don’t like about there popot boards and what I do like about them I would then have one shaped just like I wanted. I think you would then call it a custom made board, and I thought that was what this site was all about. Surf what you like, Like what you surf. If they don’t make it make it yourself. Help me on this one Ambrose, I know what you surf,(or use to surf anyway) and I know what size you are. If we all surfed, the same way, all boards would be the same shape. When everyone becomes the same, type of surfer, then Boardworks and SurfTec will take over.

Bagman, I love surftechs, for the EXACT reasons you listed. I am getting more and more customers who want epoxy boards, that they can tweak to suit their surfing. I say go for making what you want, or if you can find (yeah! That’ll be tough [wink]) someone to make what you want. 2 schools of thought here. Making your own stick is VERY gratifying. There is nothing like riding a board that is crafted with your own hands. AND it will want to make you pull your hair out. Because, the mind knows what it want to do, but getting the hands to do what the mind wants is where you’ll get frustrated. (also, monetary considerations. Can you afford a $200-400 hit. Not saying that it will happen to YOU, but I’d bet everybody here knows, or knows of, someone who NEVER completed, or wasted a “board”) I would lose a foot of length, and drop the thickness to 3-3 1/8, use the measurements of a 10’-10’2", rocker, rails, etc. If you want to get really creative, make a 50/50 blank. Front half 1lb foam, back half 2lb foam. The theory is the volume will be there, but you’re reducing the mass, which will make throwing a turn that much easier. HDX has made a few performance longboards like this, and have gotten good feedback. Best of luck, and if I missed a question, please feel free to ask again.

Jeff, Good. I need someone to send customers to in your area. Many people want blanks in SoCal and I’m not in the right area to supply. We do in FL but AZ isn’t reasonable shipping wise. I’ll be coming to CA in about three weeks. Hope we can meet up then.

Jeff: I have posted an email to the email address on the web site that you put on your posts. I hope it gets to you.