Styro Foam Blanks

Hype or is it the future. I have had very bad results with Stryo blanks and boards. I have bought finished boards, Pulse and Lindens (styros) and have not had much luck with durability. I bought a blank and expoxied it myself. I still had delam and structural problems. Does anyone know of a good blank producer in the S. Cali area that will retail out blanks? I want to make another attemp with Resin Research resin. I am pretty sure the blanks are the problem. I like the way the boards ride, but I feel the durablity is inferior to just about any other boards I have owned. Advise is apreciated, Jim Phillips…can you come through as a genius again…

Since you are in socal, please feel free to contact me. I can SHOW you boards from 5 different manufacturers that are VERY durable!! Same foam. Blanks start at $50.00. 714-404-1663 or 714-379-5533

Stu, where are you located? I am in Encinitas, Ca and can provide custom stringer and rockers in a 7’0 and 9’6" beaded individually molded EPS

“Hype or is it the future?” Or – is it the past? Not to diminish anyone’s current efforts, but Check this out:

Thanks for all the responses. Jim, I want to stick with extruded right now because I hear the beaded absorbs water, etc. That is a sweet popular mechanics link Keith!!!

Mine isn’t dinged, so it isn’t wet, Pultruded doesn’t let resin stick to it, delams, snaps, so where is the trade off?

I don’t know about the foam Jim has but the better EPS foams of today don’t take on any more water than a urethane blank. I’ve seen Jim’s stuff and I would be surprised if it did. To me it looked excellent. And Jim does have a point about XPS. There are problems associated with it that have been discussed here numerous times.

I was driving through an industrial park in santa fe springs yesterday and saw a forklift carrying a stack of 8’4’x4" sheets of foam, I was in a hurry but i think i need to go back and check it out,

I thin kI will try the small beaded XPS instead of the extruded(pultruded) material. I hear the XTR blanks from Epoxy pro(extruded) have problems because of a certain chemical. It would be nice if there were an XPS blank supplier with a variety of lengths and rockers etc. I wonder if Clark will ever get into the business of making blanks out of XPS foam?

I am sure Clark will get into the business when Greg’s resin takes off in the surfboard industry. I am going to try annnd beat them!!!