Suggestion for Quiver/Florida

If you lived in Florida and had this quiver 9’8 Christenson 9’2 Clay Bennett 7’1 Retro Single fin (unkown shaper/ pulled in tail, good for solid days) 6’1 Fluid Swallow tail high performance with a wide template What would you add to your quiver when you are deciding between something new to give your quiver a new feel. A stepdeck pig’fish (See John Tulley) a modern fish hybrid, A roundtail outline for big nor’easters A standard 6’3 squash an egg like G hunt has so impressed me with. A 5 Fin Bonzer Keep in mind this is for florida for a guy who wants to diversify his quiver and doesn’t care what the lates magazine says. Whats your opinion. If it isn’t on here, give the dimensions, because one of the present members will be shaping it. (JIM DUNLOP) Have at it.

what up dawg!!! id get another hp shorty since you already have 2 lb’s and a bigger single fin and only 1 sb. maybe something like a quad or twinner??? something to think about. call me sometime and well have lunch and talk about it. Josh

I will tentoes, And would everyone please excuse the lack of punctuation in my second paragraph, I tried to list those boards, but they all came out bunched together. The beer probably didn’t help.

Get a modern kneeboard and a modern fish. Check out

Ive noticed that some thing get mest up when you list it up as well. I think it’s when you use enter between lines, like this: 1 2 3 Or maybe not. If you go for second each line, like this: 1 2 3 it seems to work better. Mike? regards Håvard

I’d add a big funshape, 7’6’ to 8"0, mini longboard style.

A 5’8" - 5’10" traditional fish for the junky days. Christenson shapes a great fish.

Since you live in Florida you might want to add a fishing pole to your quiver for the days when there is not surf. And for the other six days per year you can ride a longboard. Just kidding.

Guess that’s how Kelly Got to be 6 time world champ… From Fishing …

Enough surfboards. How 'bout an outrigger canoe

Kelly got to be six time world champ by traveling the WORLD and getting out of FLorida from an early age.

Kelly was already bustin down doors before he traveled the “world” Mrs.Mouse…learned in Fla…get over it…always an idiot with a key board.Get a fish or egg,Chris Birch makes a sweet fish…peace and waves…