suggestions for first longboard ????

ok guys and girls this is a two part quiz…

background info: 175lbs, 5’11" intermediate surf ability, minimal shaping experience(16 assorted fish and shortboards.)

i am going to attempt my first longboard. i have never ridden or shaped a longboard.

A) what would you recommend as a good starter board dimension and shape (i live and surf the mid atlantic region of the east coast usa)

B) what differences are there in shaping a longboard as compared to a short board (insert the appropriate joke concerning the amount of foam removed) are there any special techiques used or pitfalls/mistakes to be wary of? i am particularly concerned about the rails.

thanks, in advance, for your time


Ive shaped a few

its a long way from the tail to the nose

get out your walkin shoes

A) Building a board that lets you make an easy transition into the longboard world is important. That being said, I’d go 8’6 to 9’0. Go look at some shapes and see what you like and steal the numbers. Once you start studying them, you’ll find that there’s a lot more diversity in design than you might have expected… nose shapes, bottom designs, rail profiles… Keep your first one simple: a little concave under the nose (if you like that sort of thing), going to flat, blending into eiither a panel or rolled vee. Save the complicated stuff for your next LB, once you have the whole approach to riding a big board down.

B) Mark out your rails a bit thicker than you think you need them to be. You can always remove foam… a few pulls and you’re there. You definately don’t want to go too thin through the majority of the board, and make them nice and soft. However, don’t leave the nose and tail too thick. Foil them out nicely… expecially along the rail, almost like a shortboard. Don’t forget your box needs some thickness along the stringer, so plan ahead.