Sun Cure dry with any light bulb?

good afternoon
I am using Sun Cure and my dry resin with any fluorescent lamp, LED or incandescent  Anyonecan help me on this?

Sun cure? the name would imply that it doesn’t, did you get sun burnt whilst shaping your surfboard under the ‘normal’ lights?

you need a bulb that emmits UV rays like a tanning light bulb,  a halide bulb etc

pour out a small 1 oz cup if it cures than there is your answer.

But my problem is that my room lighting is the resin to dry while I do the rolling.

I don't understand the intent of your last post.  No your resin will not go off under any thing other than a UV bulb such as a tanning bulb or a grow light.   Something that emitts a UV ray.  Make sure no natural light is filtering thru open windows, holes in the wall or open doors while you are laminating.  Then walk the blank out into the sun when you've finished laminating. 

I work in a garage completely shielded from the sun  I can harden the resin with an LED flashlight and a light bulb  This is normal? If you cover all fluorescent lamps with a black bag almost does not dry 

Sunlight or UV.  Nothing else.  You don't have to cover up your fluorescent bulbs.  They are not UV  An incandesent light bulb or a flashlight are not UV.  It's not that hard to understand or   is it?  If you don't have Artificial UV,  Walk it out in the sun.


This reeks of troll bait.

If not…the answer is a definite NO. You cannot use a flashlight or plain lightbulb to cure resin. That is, not unless you mix in some MEKP. Then, you can do it in the dark if you like.


The problem with your board is that you have put it where the sun dont shine.

Has to be entirely uncomfortable, I’ll bet no room for a flashlight.

threads been answers move on!!

Friends tou me to say that the dry resin! Ja did several experiments and they all dried up even! While I work it is then dried and gel! With LED or incandescent or flouroscente equals … If you take a cup and put the resin mix it in with an LED flashlight on top for 15 min is rock! This is my problem the resin to dry before time!
Do not add any MEKP mix!



read this clearly:

-what happened to you was that you added more UV powder than needed or just have more from the factory in the recipient.

Also, not stirred well, for minutes, let to decant and shake again. All these if you prepare yourself the UV powder.

Then, when use it for the first time or in the few next small batches, the resin will start to kick sooner but not completely with fluorescent lights or LED s. Next batches will not kick sooner like these ones.

So, will be ok with fluorescent lights at a normal distance from the working racks. After that, put your work outside under the Sun or under black lights.

Maybe you could take it outside at night, lay it in your driveway and just hit with the high beams on you mini-van

Hi shot123 -

 I have had sun-cure resin start to gel when working under fluorescents.

There are filters available that block UV lightwaves...

    Howzit John, I used UV resin for about 5 years andnever had1 board even start to gel under fluorescent lights that were about 2 feet above the racks. The only thing that worked was my UV lights and the sun. I would get in touch with the manufacturerer and ask him what is going on. Aloha,Kokua

Hi Kokua -

There are many types and wattage of fluorescent tubes available... warm-white, cool-white, etc.    I'm thinking you might have had a type of bulb that had low UV emission.

As seen in the link provided, there are filters available to block UV rays from the type of bulbs that emit them. 

A combination of warm-white and cool-white bulbs have even been recommended as a cheap way to grow plants indoors...


They also make “germicidal” flouro bulbs that do not have a coating on the inside. They emit very high levels of UV.

We used to use them to erase EPROMs in the electronics lab. They will work to cure UV resin, but wear eye protection when using them.