Sun Surfboards - No Info Whatsoever?

Okay guys, I did a search here and on google and can’t find any information on the brand Sun Surfboards. I recently acquired a 70s single fin fish with the label Sun Surfboards. There is a signature but it’s written terribly. I think it says Matt Hamil, Mark Hamil, Mark Harris, etc. No serial numbers but it does have the dimensions: 6’6"x30. I’ll upload pics soon. This is from the east coast US. Any info? 

There is a sun surfboards decal on Stanleys .

I got some pics now. After looking at it a litlle more, I would have to say the board isn’t necesarrily a fish, but more of a single fin swallow tail.

See fourth paragraph about Mike Hamil and Sun.


Mike Hamil! Okay, wow. Thanks so much for that. I found one other mention of him but it mostly seems like he’s lost in the ether. I wonder what happened to him? The article says they started up ‘New Sun Surfboards’. I wonder if this board is before that brand, since it says ‘Sun Surfboards’? The article you mentioned says they bought the old Surfboards by Don shop. I’ve talked with Don via email, I wonder if he knows what’s up with Mike. The bottom contours of the board are pretty advanced for its time: flat in the nose to single concave to double concave to vee starting before the tail out to more extreme vee (1/8") off the tail.

After seeing those pics, I’d say it looks nothing like a fish. Nothing at all, except it has a split tail. Otherwise, no resemblance to a fish in any way.