Suncure vs. Hardener

I’m about to start glassing some boards, and I’m entertaining the idea of using suncure resin additive instead of hardener. I live in sunny south florida, so it makes sense, I can walk outside and let the board cure. Plus with a UV activator I won’t have to race the hardener. Something elese I heard is that with hardener, it takes the board up to two weeks to fully cure. If anybody has some input, I would appreciate it.

I have tried both types of hardener. For someone with limited glassing experience the sun cure powder added to silmar resin makes a lot of sense. If the lamination and especially wetting the rail laps turns out to be more challenging and time consuming than expected you don’t have to worry about the job gelling on you when you’re only halfway done. Fifteen minutes in the sun and you can tap on it with your fingernail.

Howzit ecunderground, Since you are new to glassing definitly go with the UV resin,it’s more user friendly for beginners. Catalyst can be a beginners worst enemy since they aren’t used to the time limitation of catalyzed resin. I used catalyst forever but started using UV about 4 years ago and have never looked back, the lamination will cure almost instanly and the process of making a board will go alot faster, and yes it takes 2 to 3 weeks for a catalyzed lamination to cure. I do use catalyst for hot coats and glossing though. With the UV you’ll have plenty of time to address the problems that you will have since laminating is new to you. Aloha,Kokua

Hey thanks a lot guys. One quick question…I know its gonna be dumb. If I dont want a gloss finish, do I have to do a hot coat?

yes, a hotcoat is what seals the lam