SUP Blanks (Want to shape a Mondo 14' super wide monster)

Hey Guys,

Haven’t been in the forum here for 3 years… (had been very sick, and had rough recovery)

Anyways, I want to shape a SUP board to use primarily as a fishing vessel. Want to do something with the following rough dimensions:

14’ long, 30" wide, fat nose @ 26", tail @ 22", 5" thick…

I don’t know where I can get a blank to fit these dims. Does anybody know where I can make this happen??? Does it have to be a total custom blank???

Thanks in advance for the replies!!!


Hi -

Ken Ebert/Segway Composites is in SoCal and has a comprehensive selection of EPS blanks. Several are in the 14’ range. The one in link below is listed at 28" but he can cut them wider and offers custom computer shaping.