SUP Glue?

Hey im building a sup (Stand up Paddle Board) and i was gonna make a kaholo useing the stich techinique. I was wondering if i could use wood glue for glueing it? is this glue strong enough? Also if i fiber glass it will that make it water proof?

Ya got me.

You think it would work I havent had much expierience with wood glue is it strong enough?

So thats what S.U.P. stands for !  

I thought it was like… " Wassup ?"

shouldnt it be S.U.P.B…?

Sorry I don’t know if fibreglass makes surfboards waterproof or not ?

I would reccomend building a HWS and make it more surfboard like, but either way…   Use titebond 2 and glass it.  Titebond is pretty strong.

No, do not use titebond. For a couple reasons:

  1. you are using thin plywood

  2. No way you are going to have joints tight enough for wood glue to work.

By its design, the Kahalo (CLC Boats: is a “stitch and glue” build. Wood glue like titebond is not designed to hold these sort of joints.

Look at Wood Ogre’s beautiful rendition of the Kaholo and you’ll understand how it all fits together.

If you want to use Titebond, you need to change your build method…there are other ways to build HWS that can be accomplished via wood glue.

Also, read more about building HWS, stitch and glue kayaks, etc., before jumping in…building wood boards can be expensive and time consuming, particularly if you don’t know how to work with wood already.