SUP Handle???

I’ve searched, but can’t seem to find anything on SUP handles. I have noticed that a lot of factory boards come with one installed. Is that a plastic insert, or did they just route out a slot for your fingers to fit into? I am thinking about just using my plunge router to dig out about an inch deep slot in the stringer (midpoint in the board). My board is 4.5 inches thick and I don’t think it will effect the integrity of the board. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Some guys install a short fin box on the deck and route out enough room for their fingers to grab.


You can install a ProBox fin box. ProBox makes covers for the boxes, so after you get to the water you can put the cover over the handle.

A basic rectangular mold with PVC pipe for the holes might work for you. I made my mold from sheet balsa and used eye dropper bottles for the holes. The material is fiber reinforced epoxy. The inside of the mold was coated with wax as a mold release agent.

A basic wooden box (w/o fingerholes - just a slot) coated with epoxy would also work.

Install like a finbox…

Bowling ball inspired…

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The handles on SurfTech SUP’s are just PVC boxes set alongside the stringers. Using Probox will work depending on how big your hand is. These handles have to be at the balance point of the board and can’t be put just anywhere. An alternative is to use the paddle as a handle. Get some of those stick-on leash plugs, put them along one rail and add some heavy nylon cord loops that the paddle handle will fit thru.

My friend has been making them from pieces of 5/4" pvc board that I believe is used for decks. Glue 2 halves together with regular pvc cement and then plunge drill the finger holes. You can round the edges and maybe put some grooves on the outer surface to give it some hold when you install it like a finbox. Make sure to do a tight route for the hole to avoid exotherm problems in eps.

Dave D

Thanks for the input and interesting ideas. I think I might do a variation on the leash plug idea. I will either glass two extra leash plugs along the stringer in the deck (wide enough to put a nylon strap as a carry handle. Otherwise, I might put a plug on the deck and one on the bottom of the board which I could attach a shoulder strap to. That way I could carry it like a messenger bag, and then take the strap off when I get to the water. A leash plug on the bottom of the board shouldn’t effect performance at all should it? Thanks again everyone, jb