SUP Paddle

Been watching the SUP’s last couple days on the south shore here on Oahu. Wondering if any of the SUP veterans have tried a long two sided paddle (kayak paddle?). Seems there would be some advantages…no changing hands…with a blade always in position to use…also might kinda be like the balance bar the tightrope walkers use. You also have great reach to smack any one who might dare impose on your domain.

IMO this SUP thing is negatively effecting the lineup. Seein much kook behavior that is really magnified when SUPing

Time and place for evereything…may give it a go tomorrow along the EWA Plain.


if you had to go into the wind for any length of time the extra long paddle with two wind catchers would really suck.

if you’re surfing it, i can’t imagine wanting any more length on an already long and awkward stick.

i have a 14’ distance board and today used it to go fishing. paddled a mile or so into the teeth of the wind and then made it around the corner, tied up to some kelp and ate lunch. brought a fishing rod and had fun catching a couple little bass.

SUP is great as a stand up kayaking type thing. surfing… not so much. IMO