SUP paddleboard design?

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New to Swaylocks… I’m stuck in upstate NY for at least the next 2 years, and I’ve been going through major surfing withdrawl (6-7 hours to the nearest break, if the stars align and there is swell when I can leave work). I’ve dealt with it so far by building boards (2 hollow wood so far, 6’ Lis fish, and 8’ funshape—pics soon), but I need to get back in the water. As I do have a rather large lake in my backyard, I’m looking to build a SUP (and maybe a log for knee paddling) for mostly flatwater paddling, though it would be great if it could be a passable occasional surfing board as well. I’m 190, 6’2".

As I don’t have any boards around to reference and I’m still a major newbie to shaping–I’d love some recommendations on planshape, rocker, rails and thicknesses so I can get something in the water before the snow!


Aloha Cycloxslug:

A board from 10 -10'6"  with 18-19" nose x 29" wide x 18" tail x 4.5 -4.75" thick should work.  As far as plane shapes, check out the boards at  The 10-6 and 11 are popular models. Search SUPs by Carvenalu here.  He shared so much information and built a business from his passion.  He is one of the leading SUP designers that created Paddle Surf Hawaii.

 I built around seven SUPs and I am working on a 10 footer for my daughter now.  I basically use the SUP when the surf is flat or really small.  When the waves are up I normally use a long board, funboard or fish board. 

I started with a 12' SUP and now I can paddle a 5" thick 10 ft. board.  I am about 250lbs.  I did post some of my boards here. Search for mexican blanket SUP or balsa skinned SUP.





Lake SUP is a whole different animal than a ocean craft.

Paddling power and core work out are key,

12'0" x 30" x 4 3/4" keep it stable and paddle your brains out.


Thanks for the ideas! what about nose and tail rocker? Infinity surfboards had some interesting SUP planshapes for lake use–really pointy nose, sounded like a fair bit of thickness in the tail, and either a squash or pintail.


Hi -

With your previous experience building hollow wood boards, this might be worth considering...

I've heard this one is a very nice flat water paddler.

lake front?

dont neglect the upper reaches

a hollow yacht is a great trainer for flatness

16 ' is a challenge as well as accessable

a luan plywood rendition hollow would be economical as well as quick

preglass the skins top nd bottom aka the jensen method

lake wise you could even square rail it to expedite use

and put off installing rails till the dead of winter ,

coming soon to a thermometer near you.

The tom blake method build

would be quuickity split construction

with 1x4 framesand a pin nailer

or sheet rock screws removed after glue dries

anything youu do will require expediting

if you dont wanna suspend testing till



oh yeah,rip two sheets 1/8'' ply

at thirty inches remainder of two 18''

should accomodate bottom pannel

combined .with v contour full measurement may exceed

30''. solid plank the rails square should

cut the assembly and use duration

to max expediting. and winters

comin' on...

what happens at the lake stays at the lake

unless you wanna shoot the erie canal

check out the “shape shack” section here at the zone.  lots of useful info here!



Infinity has good design sense.


You may already know this site:


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If you’re near a big lake why not start wind surfing it would beat the sh#t out of SUP boarding. You can pick them up for next to nothing second hand you’re life is not over so theirs no real reason to resort to take up the fad of sup boarding.