SUP questions

Another stupid project…

A week ago i found a abandoned windsurf on a beach, it’s not in good shapes (nose and fin box cracked, lot of dings) but i think i can delaminate it (epoxy/PU) and make a SUP of it.

I was damn glad to see that is made of PU coz I’m not ready for epoxy yet.

The dimensions are 10’6’’ x 26’’ x 5’’ and the volume is about 155-160 liters.


What’s the volume of the SUPs in general. I know 26’’ is not wide enough but… I don’t lose anything making a try.


deck - 6oz+6oz+4oz,

bottom -2 x 6oz (4oz - reinforcement where the fin box)


I’ve been looking into doing something similar!  (I think fools seldom differ applies better in this case than great minds think alike)

That sounds like a pretty good size.


Ideal volume for a SUP from what I’ve found is 1.7 times your weight in KG, +/- 10% depending on your experience.

26" should be OK for width.  I’m currently using a 12’6 x 26 Mistral Superlight (which is neither super, nor light).  It floats like a cork @ 260L of volume with me on it (200lbs), has a rounded bottom and I can paddle it around fine. If you’re near boats kicking up some wake you better keep moving; as soon as you slow down or stop you better have good balance!

A flat bottom (and deck for that matter) and less volume would make it MUCH easier to use.

For the one I’m planning on doing the board is 9x23 with dual stringers.  I’m thinking of running it through a table saw and cutting the part in between the stringers out, and making an 8-10" wide section to stick in there.

Good luck, and please keep updating, I’ll be watching! (And will in turn post up when I get mine underway)


Depending on how big you are, and the type of water you’re in, it’s possible to use this as an SUP. Years ago before the boom of SUP’s I knew of several people that would buy old wind surfing boards and use them to paddle around the harbor so I say give it a go and fix the thing up! Good luck and have fun with it.

thx stevo911_ and fiberglasshi 

on wednesday I will bring it home, it’ll be a bitchy trip (230 km) with that monster on top of my girfriends car (small ford fiesta). 

I’m around 86kg, so the volume it has to be 146.2 L. So 160L it’s just ok.

On friday i’ll test it at the beach, if it floats with me i will have a interesting summer.

My idea is to use it just with small waves.

stevo911_ i’ll update the post everytime i have something new.