SUP wings?

Training wheels for your SUP?  What’s next?!  

If I see one of these guys in the lineup, I won’t be able to stop laughing. 

Have to watch this video! hahahha


As if we really needed a reason for more people to get into SUP riding. What happened to the challenge and difficulty of something being a hurdle for those participating? I’ll admit I probably learned to ride a bike with training wheels, but I didn’t jump into a downhill bike race right away. Thousands of people try surfing and thankfully don’t see or feel the enjoyment and thrill that will keep them coming back for longer than a vacation.

“If your board is smaller” - then try a bigger board!

“If you’re heavier” - get a board designed for your weight and maybe lose a few pounds.

“Or for women who are intimidated” - now that just pisses me off.


OUCH... you ladies are mighty tough on us old fat guys!

Obviously they have the marketing concept backasswards.  Instead of "Training wheels for SUPs", how about "For the EXTREME HARD CORE SUPer ONLY!!!" 

That sort of thing has worked for many.

i think i just threw up a little bit in my mouth


You fall off with those things while riding a wave, and they’ll cut an arm or leg right off!  One less kook in the water.

Keep it a secret from resin head, or those seals are done for sure!

Hahaha.  Seriously, what’s next!!  

I am intimidated by overhead barrels not standing still on flat water. HA

These are super ghetto.  Can someone just go surfing FOR ME  so I don’t have to do any work?

ya those look a little ,,,, well,,,, like a gimmick....


well I was thinkin,,,,, hoe bout an out rigger set up  ,,, not for surfing on waves but for going out fishing,, that way you got some stability when fighting that giant fish or battleing off pesky seals


Anybody know what the patent application # is for this device?  (the number displayed at the end of the U-tube video appears to be lacking 1 digit in order to match the US Patent Office search format).