Super random- Hot tub plastic siding work

Just bought a used hot tub and the previous owner drilled about a dozen reamed holes too many in the siding. It’s definitely some kind of molded 1/2” thick plastic siding with vertical channels. The wife wants to paint the siding so I’m thinking I’ll fill and sand the holes with a q cell mix to clean things up before painting. That said, I have some sun cure Poly or 2 part epoxy.

Which one do you think would hold up under paint, or am I barking up the wrong tree and there’s better products out there?

You might run into adhesion problems, a lot of moulded plastics have a release agent built into them. There will be a primer available that will allow for the use of a resin. Maybe contact the manufacturer to find out what type of plastic it is and go from there.

Hmm. Bondo then? Wood putty? You can see the brown plastic siding below the tub.

Give it a go, getting paint to hold on could be a little tricky too?

If it is polyethylene or polypropylene, you may need to heat weld plastic patches to it.
As Railway said, contact the manufacturer.

Use epoxy. I’ve fixed holes in showers with epoxy and cabosil. You can pigment it too.

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