super sap epoxy

Just wondering is anyone using super sap CLR05 epoxy I had a good google but cant find anything up to date on what its like to use and how it ages? i have just been ofered it and its works out quite a lot cheape than rr so just thought it was worth looking in to further, i read that older ones yellowd alot but they say on there site the new stuf is better?

I have used Super Sap CLF resin for glassing agave boards.  It takes more catalyst than half and half for a fast flip time, and it does discolor to yellow.  I am not sure if the color change is an interaction with the agave or the tint in the catalyst.  It is nice to work with a non toxic resin.  Overall, I give it a B (4/5) because it does the job but I imagine there are better plant based resins available.  Super Sap is the only plant based resin available where I am.