…i finally got hold of the dvd the other day [thanks , dick hoole !!]

good movie , especially from a surfboard design point of view

barry k ,

larry bertlemann ,

gerry lopez ,

jeff hakman ,

rory russell

all talk about their boards and surfing

highlights ?

hakman at honolua

gerry at pipe

some guy [? riddle?] at 'conception

bertlemann skating uluwatus [hawaiian storm water drain]

‘z-boys’ skating

michael peterson at good kirra

peter townend

nat young

....anyone else here have this movie ?   oneula ?? 



shoot Ben, with a thread title like that, I though you were going to tell us about the barrel of your life with a new magic fin setup! How’s the winter going?

Don’t have the movie, but sounds good.



SS is one of my favorite mid 70s videos. There is one wave of Hakman at Honolua where he draws such a clean pure line across a perfect H-Bay wall that still almost gives me goose bumps. Others that come to mind from that era, just before the groundbreaking Free Ride winter, are, Tales from the Tube and A Sea for Yourself. I got to meet Dick Hoole at last years the vintage surfboard auction in Honolulu, a really nice guy. I bought a “Hot Generation” poster from him and he threw in a surf DVD free, stoked! You kinda put these people up on pedestals, seeing there names in magazines, film etc. and find out they’re (well most of them) regular people just like us. Also got to meet MR, RB, Lopez and Ricky Grigg. Definitely a special night.

unreal !

sounds great !

man , there is one bottom turn of terry fitz’s in SS where his chin and knee are almost touching the water [a right]

i’d seen a photo of B.K. doing similar in an old surfer mag.

hi pat !

unfortunately , i’ve been accused of using this forum as [and i quote] my "personal playground’ , so i’m not allowed [??] to post self-promoting photos of me surfing [unlike my accuser] , or i may get banned [again]


some people are waaaaay too serious

man , it’s only SURFING , after all…it’s not like we are curing cancer , saving the world , or even finding a cure for the common cold , IS it !!!



btw , are you still [pat] at the same address ?? i have some cloth for you , if you are still wanting to do the hemp fin thing … let me know via pm , if you prefer …

bonus …favourite Surfing mag centrefold shot …

If I remember right, that picture was from a “How To Travel” article…One of my favorite shots too…

Super Session was a Hal Jepsen film, no…???..


Super Session was a Hal Jepsen film, no…???..

I got HJ to sign VHS copys that he was selling out of the back of his van in the late 90’s. It was like dropping back in time, his old van loaded with film copys that he couldn’t sell due to the bootleged music tracks that were recorded directly off of albums of the day.

Hal was a great guy, soft spoken, hitting the shops to sell his great films.

R.I.P. Hal Jepson: 1940-2006

Filmmaker Hal Jepsen passed away yesterday, February 2, 2006, at the age of 66.

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 February, 2006 : - - Hal Jepsen passed away of natural causes on February 2 in Vista Ca. Hal’s extensive work in the early 70’s surfing and skateboarding subcultures is revered today in documentaries and feature films, such as “The Lords Of Dogtown.”

Hal was born in 1940 in Los Angeles, California and began surfing at 17. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from UCLA in 1968, and became a real estate agent before producing his first surf film “Cosmic Children” in 1970. Jepsen’s best known work showcased Hawaiian surfers Jeff Hakman and Barry Kanaiaupuni in their prime.

Jepsen followed with three more full-length surf movies, “A Sea for Yourself” in 1973 along with “Super Session” in 1975 and “We Got Surf” in 1981. In 1978 he branched out into skateboarding with the film “Skateboard Madness,” staring Stacy Peralta. In 1997, his filmmaking accomplishments were profiled in The Surfers Journal’s 50 Years of Surfing on Film series for the Outdoor Life Network.


still prefer cosmic children since it was his first.

Funny how spider brought back some of those clips recently in something they called ultimate sessions…

My brother and I laugh everytime we watch those movies because it reminds us of what we look like surfing and who our hero’s were back then(pre-bertlemann). It think Reno Abellera was our generation’s Bertlemann. Everyone else since then have pretty much been big Ben’s kids.

Personally I could watch the old TF and BK footage all day and never tire, its the closest to surfing a perfect line that I can think of. The rest of the other stuff is just too specialized. Parko is the only modern guy that seems to see and ride the same lines and to me everything else visually is either just skateboarding or snowboarding on a wave.


unfortunately , i’ve been accused of using this forum as [and i quote] my "personal playground’ , so i’m not allowed [??] to post self-promoting photos of me surfing [unlike my accuser] , or i may get banned [again]


That is unbelievable ! Are you serious ?

… Nice shot yeah.I was given that mag a while back, but I remember it from back in the day.

How 'bout we play you at your own game - Where is it ? Heh heh.

Howzit chip, I don’t remember you ever being banned. So what if it’s your personal playground, you are a good player who likes to post alot. In my mind you are probably the biggest home fin maker around, keep up the good work we like it.Aloha,Kokua