super surfboard deals for Florida guys

I was poking around at Cocoa Beach Surf Company ( across from RonJons) today when I saw a Jim Phillips 9’0’’ speedy looking longboard with yellow resintint bottom and glass on sidebites for $629! My wife said I already have too many boards( which I do) so I’m passing on the tip. They also had several very nice Velzy’s for around $750 and a 6’10"Tak flow egg , not a surftech, for $500 something. Somebody needs to buy that Jim Phillips so I won’t have to look at it any more.


i almost stopped by there coming home from R&D. you never know what might turn up, like the lance carson i bought down the street from there a few years back for $250.

Just hearing the words Cocoa Beach makes me hungry for Taco City. Will we ever have waves again in Florida?

east coast has been flat for waaaayyyyy too long. we’re definitely due for something, and it better be good and it better be soon! as for me, i’m heading to the gulf tomorrow. panama city is waist+ (but a little choppy) and i REALLY need to get wet.

I have a Jim Phillips. I LOVE it! Gets me barrels. Me like me some barrels.

Hey, how flat IS Florida??? Each time I go to I see the day’s picture, from Satellite Beach, and there is always somebody riding a two foot wave.

So what do you consider flat?

I like really small waves sometimes, because it brings people together. I know that sounds silly, but when the surf is under three feet, it’s cool to talk to people, give each other waves, gripe about the small surf and say, “Hey, somebody put another quarter in the machine.”

your surfcam must be in the other florida!

Faiirmont- You have to decode what the cams are showing you. They are designed to make the waves look larger than they appear so fla surfers don"t kill themselves in a fit of despair. They are actually breaking 10 feet from the beach in 6" of water.

Waves?? Where? The sharks aren’t even biting!NSB has been thigh high with the whole surf population of central florida fighting for table scraps. At least last summer we had waves , the water was 58 degrees but you could at least surf for an hour before you shivered. Upwell one year, No swells the next. Makes you think about what’s really happening out there ??