Superchargers Do they work?

I saw Herb posting here and thought I would see if I could catch him.I’m interested in his Superchargers but before I invest in them do they work?Herb are you there?Steve

…Yes,they work great!!!but this is coming from the inventor.This question should be better answered from others that use or have tried them. …no bars held her guys, tell the true,I won’t hold anything against anyone.So tell SD what you think…PROS OR CONS.Herb

I use Herb’s Chargers on all of my multi-fin boards. Unlike other canard fins, the Superchargers don’t change the way a board rides, they just enhance what’s already there. With Chargers on, I notice increased glide, easier paddling and more manuverabitly. It doesn’t hurt to give them a try.

…Ajl …got a new batch of glueys ib some new colors,I’ll send you out a couple when I get back from the suds…howz Town?Herb

Mahalo Herb! This past week we’ve had decent surf all around the island. Town has since fizzled out, but there’s still something going on in the country. I hope you’re getting some!

i went thru the archives trying to find a pic of herbs superchargers… can anyone show us something… i couldnt find anything?

I think my thruster shortboard is faster with the larger chargers. I’m using G-PR fcs fins with them(if I remember correctly). IMHO the board is faster in a straight line and I’m able to generate more speed with the chargers in. Honestly, I did not notice any improvment when using the smaller chargers. regards, Håvard

…PHOTO ARCHIVE #201 is a great example and just look for my boards,Tom Sterne’s,and others on the photo archives.I’ll bet there is at least 25 boards there w/ chargers.Herb

…Havard, …w/ GPRs the tipped forwards should work great.The only thing I can think of is you have the plugs set too close or most likely to far away, either in forward distance or width apart.I have several guys that use them with the GPRs and notice a big advantage.I’m glad you found a set that did work for you!Herb

Herb, My glue on order is coming. What is the formula for putting these in the correct position? (probobly to be used with a Future set up). thanks!

I tried the small glues on you sent, Herb. I used quick epoxy, and looking back I wish I had stayed with the extra strength epoxy I normally use for my golf clubs, because one Supercharger fell off right away within a wave or two. But I’d like to try again. The base on the glue-ons looks rather bulky like it could really add drag. Do you have any with a thinner base that can be glassed on like a normal fin?

Hey Herb, I had a similar experience with glue-ons and I ruffed the surface up real good and put them on with Greg L’s epoxy. One of them popped off during the first session so I didn’t get a good read on things. I’m still pondering the right approach without putting boxes in for them. I’m gonna fashion some of my own. I want to place them just right. Is there a formula? Any secrets you can share? Mahalo, Rich

That guy named Clyde Beater (sp) in the Santa Barbara area uses 1 FCS plug for his trailer finlets.

I made a pair of my own supercharges for a fish. I glued them on with Flex zap 2. It’s basically a hopped up super glue made for fiberglass and carbon materials . It’s extremely shock resistant and moisture resistant. I cracked my homemade supercharger on a rock the charger broke in half but the base stayed right there where I glued it. In fact when I had to strip the damaged chargers off it took quite an effort. I was actually worried the board was going to delam because the bond was so solid. It goes on thin as super glue so my chargers sat flush on my board. It’s made by a company called Pacer. You can get it at good art supply stores. S.R.

…I have tabbed chargers,and use them on my bigger wave boards.I’ve been using them since before the start of this website. …Glue-ons,yes I have lost a few myself and have had some complaints on adhesion of certain glues. …Here’s what I’ve been using lately,“5200 marine adhesive”,tough and will stay on to the point of ripping off glass,problems = long drying and curing times.“gorrella glue” great,just has a nasty brown color,but will hold the Superchargers.Another one I will try including what S.R. mentioned is this grey epoxy sold at ACE hardwares"pr-7"(name?),looks very promising! …If you have lost one of the chargers in a set, contact me @ will replace your set for free including postage,all I ask is you send me back the lone single charger you have left.Herb

…The whole idea is to allow for better flow.The thicker foil does this better,but if you’d like I can make a thinned out set for you to try.Let me know.Personally, I have gotten great results from my glue-ons,but this thread is a great learning curve for me as well.Herb

…They come with instructions.Herb

Herbs Chargers REALY work! I am just a so-so surfer and I can feel the extra speed and glide. Board # 289 is one I made and put Herbs Chargers on. He gave me another set at the campout and I’m gonna put them on my next longboard. HOOT! Stoke on! Scott

AND his Q-4 set up rips as well!