Surf a Pig

I am starting a blog that is all about “PIG” shape surfboards. I am trying to have this blog be a site where people can see all different shapes, surfshots, definitions and read experiences about a pig. I am happy to do the photoshop work required to clean up board shots. using a ladder and a bucket can do wonders for template and rocker shots.

please email me pictures and or stories to

I am getting way into these boards. Lance Carson made me one, Dano made me one, Matt Calvani just made me one, Gene Cooper and I are working on something big, Dano is making me another one (except this new one is blasa) and Enoshi in Japan is working on one for me (at least that is my understanding).

I am all about the wide tail, D fin, narrow nose board. These 3 elements more or less define a “Pig” board as far as I am concerned.

I am starting this blog in an effort to have a place on the internet where people can learn about pig boards. The more enthusiatic I became regarding my boards and my experiences on them , the more frustrated i became on the lack of content on ther internet. Hence my effort. Please send me any pictures or stories or definitions you have concerning pig boards. I will post it on my blog.

I’m there! PIG fest down at the point (when I pick up my new Owl & the surf finally drops)

please send me pics I saw a NICE owl at sacred craft. my budy tim bought it.

“I am all about the wide tail, D fin, narrow nose board. These 3
elements more or less define a “Pig” board as far as I am concerned.”

Do not forget bottom roll. No flat spots anywhere.


That cut me out, thanks ACE. I finished my Pigish 10’ 7" a couple weeks ago but it’s tiny entry V to flat to roll in the back with a pivot fin. I can’t imagine how slow it would be if I rolled the whole bottom.


Gnarson - you are so addicted

IMG_2110.jpg picture by easternpacific

IMG_2132.jpg picture by easternpacific

IMG_2138.jpg picture by easternpacific

IMG_2141.jpg picture by easternpacific


Did you shape those?

JA shape. Balsa Pig replicas with two fin templates by Santa Barbara / Ventura’s Master sander Mike Allen

photo - “end of an era”

IMG_0446.jpg picture by easternpacific


old Hawk

IMG_0436.jpg picture by easternpacific

IMG_0434.jpg picture by easternpacific


my buddy’s dad-in-law still has his original balsa velzy pig he bought in '56. to this day it is the only board he likes surfing. it is in cherry shape. the all-time pig board…absolutely beautiful!

Matt, Please get a few photos of that board and a quick Q & A interview with the owner and send them to Gnar’s new Pig site.

I used to watch the Hawk shape those beauties under the Manhattan Beach Pier.

I was ‘‘addicted’’ to surfing by a borrowed 9’ 0’’ x 20’’ balsa, Velzy/Jacobs Pig. Narrow nose, probably 15 inches max. The board cost my friend Ricky $75 dollars new! Wish I had a time machine.

Thank you!! Please!

i’m liking your blog mike. piggy radness. that 10’1" jim phillips is just about as gorgeous as a surfboard can be. seriously wonderful.

i just finished shaping a little 9’3" piggish log. i’ll post pics up once it’s glassed.

Shaped for me by Jim Phillips last year. 9’11 semi pig. Current personal rider. Custom chambered. 26 lbs.

thank you for the support! please do. also please send me pix and story

what kind of a wave do you surf a pig on?

and do you walk it to the nose?

any pics and vids would be nice!

Here are a few links to some pics of the boards and shots of them being surfed.

I like point surf. I am not a big wave charger. These boards fit MY surfing style. I have had a blast on the beach breaks with them also. The recent pigs I have had the pleasure to experience are amazing nose riders.