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First my friend Stevey makes the blog list at surfysurfy, now his link shows up here!


It’s a good list of surf blogs though; definitely some there worth checkin out.

talk about a life on the computer?

this list would take quite some time to even ddent.


that’s a great list!


Yes, it is true Ambrose that some of spend a wee bit too much time in from of the screen.

It’s a little bit of an excuse when it looks a little like this outside:


Add this one to your list of blogs: “What the blank???”



just one look at this scene makes me wanna

morph a deck to hit turns off the snopiles on the cars

a low contact hover board seems to be appro po.

frack ,clack shmozzze the drops off the banks o’ snow and onto the side walk

horifying old ladies pulling groceries in their snow shoes…


what is general disscussion but an open blog of random parties…

creative juices flow unimpeeded by the dead air of talking to the vooid

the blue campfire burns day and night

while putting on shoes,

while eating a sandwich,

while the day goes on

within and without

weather or naught

i cal.


bloging down

in the muck and mire

of my dog’s foot hurts

and my horse has cholic?

you have smoked the forum

would you like to try some hard dope

Our shop blog here in the UK

Holy Mackerel

A good entry from a good one:

today i drove an hour to … i hit the beach knowing my 6’8 wasn’t the best ride i could have opted to bring, the 9’6 would be best by a mile. i waited for the tide to drop a bit while i watch a surf legend bend over looking at the garbage and nature there under his feet with his 2 friends … it’s 8 o’clock and we want to surf but low is at 11 so for the swell to do it’s thing we all were left waiting a bit. i texted a couple of complaints here or there and wondered about getting a huge ahi tuna steak at the Palace on state for lunch, maybe there is a good 9’0 with my name on it at a local surf shop. i like my 9’6 alright but i’m thin and wiry so i’m thinking a magic log might be good. all of surfing is change. change of board shape wave shape and angle tide and wind break location and if you’re into it, time of day. it’s all worth noting and getting worked up for every time, even if it’s flat-ish dropping slow and runny drainy crumbly tumbly 1-3 at best.

it’s 10 and it’s shallow alright and i’m on the inside because that’s the only place the water is turning white. there are 4 guys out, i’m one of them and it’s fun. then out came a few more sliders on Skip Frye sleds along with Skippy. someone notices my board. we trade sticks so this stranger can try Greg Liddle’s short hull that so many are stoked on. i trade again with someone else for an 8’8" Andreini ski and the beardy muppet who was riding it assures me that it’s one big forgiving crazy ski. he’s right. i go back to trade up again with the australian who has my board and it ends up he’s andrew kidman! i’m so glad i didn’t know who he was when i was surfing and hooting at him and his gangly gnarly wizard buddy in some small clear splashy r… rights

Andrew Kidman - YES!

I like that one