surf board glasser in Oakland!

Looking for a local Oakland glasser for my boards that I heard about at the 2012 Sways SurfCamout from a friend chris of San Leandro…give a call so you can come check out the bay!

evan menen

714 745 8138

EVAN! I’ve been trying to track you down brotha!

Check your PM’s…

I haven’t located the glasser but, I have some other info for you.


Hey Evan,,,,surfed with your brother this weekend....going to teach the down south crew how to do epoxy glassing....soon.....


yeah stingray…

good to hear it…been thinking more and more about epoxy so that my boards could get a lil stronger and lighter…will have to come down for that lession.  Tell me, whats the easiest way to make a lap-line-maker.  chase had one that you made for him so I figure you the man to ask!

be well Ray


Evan, I tried to respond to your PM but it says you aren’t accepting them now.

There's some interesting homemade tools in the Resources.........

Click the Resources tab at the top of the page......go to Photo Archive, click that.....look for Tools.

Here's a link, I  made a Low Tech version of Paul Jensen's rail tool....


right on ray…thats what I needed!

ill send a lil pic to show yaz what I came up with…working on a batch of five boards from and 8’ split keel cali-gun to a 5’8" performance disc.  headed down to mex in a couple weeks to have them glassed up…maybe I can stop in and check out your set up and catch up!

keep the fire