Surf board restoration

Hi to all !

Last week I bought an old Barland (1981) and it has some dings to fix but I don’t know the best way to fix them. I’m not speaking abut technical subjects, I’m speaking about historical subjects.

Is it correct to use microballon?

How to fix the small dings in the tinted resin? (I think it’s better transparent than a bad color)


If microbals sounds too modern for your Barland, you could use what I use: PU foam powder.

Just grab a PU foam piece and sand it to build a bung of PU powder. Than add it to a bit of poly resin (already catalysted) and you have a truly PU/poly putty.

Hi Puts

Pictures would help.

large or open dings need to be filled to the level of the glass then patched over the top. This can then be colour matched before the patch is added or by adding pigment to lam the resin when putting the patch on.

Filler can be made by mixing resin with filler to a peanut butter or mayanase consistance. You can use, q-cell, cobosil, microballons, microbubbles or fumed silica. if you can’t get any of those the power inside nappies works very well, in a real pinch you can use talc but expect some discoloration.

Alternatively if you can save the oricinal glass by lifting it and back filling, drilling holes and injecting resin to back fill or remove a small section of glass fill the replce glass and patch. This is how I repair volan glassed boards to preserve the original collour. this can be very delicat so if you’ve not had any prev repair experience best not to try.

Small cracks can just be sanded and patched without filler thus preserving the colour underneath.

If your just reparing it to ride, just fix all the dings and surf it, If you want a full blown restoration, you should check out Platty’s post.

Hope this helps