Surf board Restoration

hi im new to restoring boards. ive brought a 1960s longboard was going to sand it all the way back fill over the holes with fibreglass. Then not sure whats best to do as want to colour it aswell. I cant laminate it again as it will weight to much and people says dont add colour to the hot coat as it doesnt look good. so whats my best way of doing it? Cheers

Does the board have any kind of label or visible brand name? It looks like it’s been abused pretty badly. Not sure I would put any time or money into a nameless board in this condition…

If you are intent on sprucing it up, do this. Sand it down to the weave. Hot coat, then sand again. Then do an even coat with color. If you want to simply ride it, spray paint with epoxy paint to add your color. Cheaper and less labor. Oh, and fix the fin, it’s broken.

That looks like a coat of paint on the deck. If it is, I would sand it off down to the weave, sand the bottom down too. Then look for a label. If there’s a label, take a pic and upload it so everybody here can argue over the brand’s importance. If no label, no worries, it’s probably not too valuable then.

I’ve ‘restored’ boards using the hotcoat/sand/colored hotcoat method and I always get a screwup, especially if color is to go over the rails, it never works. I like to sand down to the weave and then glass my color using 2oz cloth (pigment). To be extra careful I sometimes glass another layer of 2oz clear over the first colored layer, then I’m not worried about sanding through into the color layer. This method does, however add at least 4oz of weight to an already heavy board, but it will look good. 

The board looks good. The rails are in pretty decent looking shape and the outline of the board looks fun to ride. Dare I say it looks like a pig shape? Where’s Thrailkill and McDing? 

The broken fin looks like it’s been moved up from its original position. If it truly is a pig, you might want to move the fin farther back. Whatever you do, take pics of the progress. 

Cool thanks for the comments I’m going to start sanding it back tonight fingers crossed I’ll find a name on it! Not to worried if I don’t just enjoy doing the project! Was thinking of moving the fin back it defo looks like it’s been moved forward a lot! Does look a nice board to ride.