surf enginez

Followed the links from one of those last posts a couple days ago and checked out the site. There seems to be a few people here who have one of those fish. What are the average dimensions of your boards.

Mine is 6x21x3 I weigh 210 and there is plenty of float. The board works great. SteveA Herb, When are you going to get yours?

I have two of them, one is 6.0 the other 6.3. both are close to 21 wide with a 17 tail. These are the only boards I ride (from the moment I went out on the 6.3 ) don’t use the rest of my quiver. These boards are so fast and the cutbacks are unreal, it’s actually hard to describe, hmmmm, somthing like a very fast,blast from the past. Go try one, i’m hooked. Peter Rijk.

How does one get used to riding a fish at 6’0" going from a longboard like myself?

the only transition you’ll need to get used to is paddling the thing. it will feel like a boogie board compared to a longboard and the foil is the killer thing, it goes thru the water similar to a submarine i.e. you really have to try to make it pearl when you are paddling. the nose simply cruises THRU the water without much drag, almost impossible to pearl it paddling. just arch your back a little and it’ll come back on plane when you are paddling…oh, then there is the issue of speed and stoke…no squirrelyness here, positive turning arcs and a stable platform, i’ve even pulled off a spinner (pirouette) while messing around one day…

Hey Steve, put that thing in the photo archive! Mike

Let me clean that dirty wax off and it’s there. SteveA