surf every day

I worked as a carpenter building houses as a contractor for 17 years and found my self always day dreaming about having the ability to surf every day. I was always envious of surfers who didn’t have to work. I became jalousie of people that worked jobs out side of  normal hours and still earn decent money to meat there financial commitments and had time to surf during the day when the groms start school or most of the public go to work Monday to Friday . I would spend weeks on end surfing crowded junk on week ends or not getting my fix at all and always hated the 1 to 2 hrs commute to and from work dreaming of a better life .One day I had an epiphany “life is not a rehearsal “so I set to work finding a low stress job with surfer friendly hours. Every thing is just as I imagined it to be I have never been happier , get to take my kids to school surf till 1 o’clock pm go to work till 10 pm and still have my weak ends free I’m working for my local bus company best thing I ever did . If surfing is important to you its easy to change your life to suit. It’s been 2 years of utter serenity.


Hope this helps you

Aloha Skipper, I am a real estate appraiser in Puerto Rico, which is 100 miles long x 35 miles wide which means you are never too far away from the beach. Always have a bodyboard and a quiver of surfmats inside my Kia Sportage although I often fit my longboard in there too. Can surf between appointments and I almost always schedule my 4PM appointments near the coast. Do the office work at night on my PC… Ohhh yea!!!


Sounds like you’ve got it worked out tony I would love to find a good quality surf mat can you recommend one,

thank mate !

Hydro skiper! sounds like you’re living the life now, glad for you!

800 Miles to the next break from here!!! I am a high school teacher in Germany and spend all my holidays surfing or building boards. Any headmsters posting on sways who want to hire me at their school near the ocean???


thanks Grumpy !

I don’t want to rub salt in any wounds, but I m a retired teacher with a house at the beach.

Hey skip, Paul is a really cool guy, I think he lives in Oregon now, if you email him with all the specifications: height, weight, waves you like to ride, he will recommend a good mat for you. I have a quiver of three as sometimes he has some very cool specials like 3 for the price of 2. Riding a mat is addictive because of the speed, they work best on perfect pointbreaks. Paul also shapes hulls and other surfboards. Ask him for a mat surfers’ user manual, it’s free!

**I know in my country Australia the public education departments of NSW, SA,VIC,WA,QLD have migration sponsorship programs maybe try Google it.**

**Sounds like you have a bit of work to do but I say go for it mate !**