Surf Flix

I’m on a roll! I’m a member of “Coreflix” so I regularly plow through all the surf flix I can. The trend lately is I have to preview them before I can let my 8 yr old watch them! Pretty ridiculous choices of music as soundtracks. Not very good PR for the surfing lifestyle for sure. Yea,…I’m an old guy so my taste is not that punk/rap noise $hit that some teens call music now days. But these producers need to get a grip on what is acceptable. There wasn’t even a warning on one of the last and worse ones yet. If I was a talented young surfer being spotlit in a segment I sure as Hell wouldn’t want the music over my spot to detract from someone watching my surfing! Mudder fracker this and mudder fracker that…yea man thats me surfin’…Isn’t the music great??? What music is that???..I don’t hear any! I got the volume turned OFF!!!

Whew…I feel better now.