Surf Girls

HOTTIES!! Wow, Mtv got some sweeties in the show. First time I’ve watched Mtv in years. Still too many commercials. Surf girls caught my eye, so I watched. Damn, I got women at my break that would make the surf girls wanna quit surfing. Only thing is…they don’t look as good as they surf. But, hey, nice ass makes nice TV! Then I see the goofy news guy do his thing with a HI shirt and 2 Waldons in the background. So who’s funding this girl surfing drive of the last couple of years? ie. Lilo and Stitch, Blue Crush, Surf Girls. Are they trying to sell surfing or the image thru clothing. Like most here I live near surf so the surfer gear is worn by many but is Roxy and Rip Curl Girl selling in Omaha and Detroit? I don’t know, I don’t go to those places but I do remember in the 80’s awhile after Fast Times came out, going to Oklahoma City and seeing the kids wearing Hobie surf T’s and check Vans even talking the whole Jeff Spicoli speak “Whoa…no way, dude. ahu hu hu”. Not saying its wrong or stupid for kids to follow trends set by movies. I just thought that shit was funny to see in OKC.

…No offense to you but…THAT WAS THE STUPIDEST THING I HAVE EVER WITNESSED!!!I feel for the gals that really want to live the surfing life,and be degraded by such a B.S. program!Herb

If you mean the show, I agree completely. If you mean my comments, it was sarcasm not sexist.

That show is pathetic. Standing on the beach crying because it’s “6-8 and choppy out there!” Whoever wins and gets the wild card slot is going to be big time humiliated. The back-biting, bitchy, whiny attitudes of these girls are an affront to young girls who have their heads on straight.

…no not your comments,the show.Herb

Shhhhhh. Can you hear that…its Miki spinning like a top…no…no, that’s not it…he’s laughing his ass off!!! The apocalypse IS coming…he was only a few years off.

Yeah, Rell Sunn is looking down. She ain’t very pleased.

a friend of mine was a participant in that chaos-she HATED it.when i asked her how much $ she won she replied zero- the winner gets a slot on world tour or something like that.basically she is embarassed by it all-wasn’t what she was expecting. on the other hand why be sexist about it? i watched one episode and didn’t seem too different from the mens pro tour-all the whinning, spatin’ attitudes and so forth.That’s what started the apocalypse…

i personally think the show is WONDERFUL. i don’t watch TV but i assume it will encourage smart women with vision to pursue there interests personally, away form the media experience. also, it’s time for women to draw their own lines by building and support ing their OWN subculture. i mean sometimes it takes a TOTAL PIECE OF SHIT like this show to rattle people on to a personal or divergent path. it is very much like the mainstream male arena of surfing products, competition and hype. actually, i’m always more surprised by but the perception that this as a new event, than the event itself. i mean come on guys, what about “point break”? …and the contemporary athletic/completive model towards wave riding that is really geared towards maximizing points not pleasure? where are my roxie tampons at?

show is lame

It’s awful.

Stupid, stupid show.

I saw da shows. All I gotta say is, if my daughter ever acts like a whiny little spoiled bitch, I’m putting her up fo’ adoption. These girls get free travel expenses and all dey do is cry. No offense Roxy, but let’s get some winnahs not some cry babies.

Isn’t reality TV all about embaressing people and making them look like shmucks nationaly? It’s our own voyeuristic society and an irresponsible media that togeather has decided that humiliation is the rule of the day for TV ratings. And the fact that these people don’t get paid…???