Surf in Cancun or Aruba?

Has anyone here found any decent surf around Cancun and Aruba? We have a chance to go to either place in October and wondered about the surf at either of the locations at that time of year.


i went to cancun on my honeymoon in 95 and there was a decent beach break right behind the hotel Cancun Palace where we stayed. It was flat mostly but a head high wind swell came up fast then at the end of the week another swell hit…clean glassy waist to chest surf. I ran into a local carrying a board and he said the bb behind our hotel was good. If I ever went back I’d bring a surf mat with me. great night life, plenty of beer and lots of babes for eye candy…

Aruba is mostly wind swell but I saw video of the place going off too. October is a good time for hurricane surf in the carribean.

Thanks Meecrafty,

We’re leaning towards Cancun. I found some info on Aruba and most of the surf spots are listed as advanced with mostly reef, rock and urchin covered bottoms. This did not thrill my wife at all :frowning: She gets enough of that in Baja. Not only that but my brother in-law will be travelling with us and the parties in Cancun sounded more exciting for him.

Does anyone have additional info on surf spots around Cancun?

SrPato I was in Aruba in 91 windsurfing. The wind died and we went around to the back of the island.Didn’t take long it’s small.The only surf we could find was a cove with an iron rock bottom.Pretty sharp. You might get in touch with some of the windsurfing shops. They might know of some better spots.If you go to Couzmel go diving. Its a drift wall dive that drops to 500 or 600’ with 200’ vis. Some fo the best reefs in the world. Gordon


its a surf atlas site it has surf spots from around the world on it