surf in manasquan nj ?

work is bring me to central jersey for the summer and fall of 2011. is the inlet the place to get a surf in and are the vibes there really that bad or is all overblown.  anyone in particular to watch out for


Vibes are good…unless your looking for trouble…been surfing there for many years and only had words with a few non local visitors with no respect and a crazy local chick who just likes to yell at you for no apparent reason but shes known as the SEAHAG anyway, place is cool but if it’s going off your better off going a little south to Bay Head or LBI for more mellow laid back session. Manasquan has good waves but it draws a lot of fools. Hope this helps. also I saw your post on Dusty Rhodes thread  where was the shop in Breille?

Hey Barrelrider,

I go to school in Manasquan so i have surfed there many times. Its not too bad. It really depends on the time of year. In the summer its always much worse because the out of towners have no respect. Overall though its throws off decent vibes. There are more friendly/better breaks in CNJ though.

I’ve surfed there quite a few times this past summer but there are definitely some better spots to get to. What I like about manasquan is that the waves basically get amplified by the massive jetty. It can get pretty sick especially in hurricane season, but I prefer surfing my local spots much more. That’s probably because it takes me a century to get there from OCNJ. If you’re looking for definite waves in Nj, it may be worth making the trip to waverly in OC. It can get VERY crowded, but there is a great local vibe and us locals are willing to share the waves. Longboards and Shortboards are both welcome too, but people start to get antsy when some a-hole takes all the waves on his ten foot board. All of my experiences at manasquan were great, but you have to remember that if you offer the locals your wave a few times, they’ll accept you for good.

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