Surf Instrumentals

The Sirius-XM App has a new Surf Instrumentals channel.

I’m liking it as background music for several activities.

pimping isn’t easy

I’m retired.

I loved Jimi; but he was wrong.  Surf Music shreds!!


When it comes to “Shred Guitar,” I’m a Joe Satriani fan.  

First Satriani album I listened to was “Surfing with the Alien.”


More info Bill please ?

 What App where, or is it a tuneable station on digital?

 Best Midnight Oil surf instrumental that makes me sick for a hot summer afternoon in Bondi.

 It’s a real island just south of Bondi.

 Banned track I can’t play with the wife within earshot but it’s got a good beat for walking the blank.



Sirius-XM is a subscription satellite radio service with many channels and a wide variety of music.  I have a subscription for my car radio.   An app is available to subscribers for their cell phones/mobile devices.  The “Surf Instrumental” channel is only availabe through the phone/mobile app.  Don’t know if you can get a phone app subscription separately.

When I want to listen to an album before buying, I listen to “Spotify.” Spotify is a free (with ads) internet music service available for use on phones, computers and some internet TV services like Roku.


Good info Stoney.  Thank you.  When I quit blowing up vans on trips to Cal. And get one that will get me there and back again(like Bilbo).  I’m gonna subscribe.  Redding and Chico overlap with a couple of old school FM(“no static at all”) stations.  Everything else down the I-5 corridor is crap.  Even “Coast to Coast” has become “The Veiw”.