Surf repair glass job done, When to add spray paint

Hi, Looking for a bit of advice, Fixed a delam on the deck of my Stewart longboard, It was quite a big area so I spent some money and bought some acrylic Spray paint to infill the different colours, Stripes etc, The question is when do I do the spray job, Do I spray directly onto the gel coat and cloth or do I hot coat and then spray and hot coat again ? I am guessing hot coat first as spraying onto the resin coated fibre glass cloth might cause issues with hot coat adhesion ? 

Thanks Rosco


Yes, after the hot coat. You may want to sand the hotcoat with 220 so the paint sticks better. After that, some people do the gloss coat, other people do a spray acrylic. And then, some other people simply leave it with paint only, but I’ve found that method produces chipping. 

 I am using epoxy so I was going to add some wax in styrene for the hot coat and then you reckon sand it with 220 grit to give a better adhesive surface for the acrylic paint and then apply another host coat with wax styrene ?

Sounds good to me. I don’t use styrene but if you like it, go for it. I’m surprised nobody else chimed in.

Yeah, that’s not a good idea…  

What kind of comment is that? What’s not a good idea? What would be a better idea? Care to expand on that knowledable response? Why even bother to enter a response if it’s going to be a waste like that?

Sorry you didn’t like my comment.