Surf Report in G-land November 1st 2011

G-Land Jarred here again after 6-7 weeks of not
being here. Michael has gone back on the boat this morning to Bali along
with Bobby and some other staff and guests.

Nov 1st is the latest I’ve possibly ever been in G-Land, but the
weather and winds are like any classic mid season day. Beautiful blue
sky’s with crisp offshore wind and hot sun… The waves however, are not
such a classic mid season size! If you got a head high wave today then
you were doing well.

So a bit of a drop off from yesterday… with all waves spread amongst
Kongs and Fan Palms. Waist to Chest high on most of them, with a few
good shaped ones to be had. My morning surf turned out lots better than I
expected, with some nice little runners with multiple turns. Lucky I
had my racy 5’9 x 18 1/2 for such conditions!

It’s quite bizarre this situation. As Michael wrote yesterday, it was
the best he’d seen it in 9 days. Well yesterday and today are the days
the charts have been getting all of Indonesian surfers a bit excited. It
wasn’t reading a lot but it was enough to give a glimmer of hope. So,
here I am in G-Land, for a swell, and its in fact like those small days
where you’d normally take a day off! Yet, beggars can’t be choosers, and
with so little swell lately, getting some 2-3ft surf was good!

Super uncrowded, I never seen more than 10 people out at once spread
out. Tomorrow I’ve organised for some guests to go around the south
coast… so hopefully they score some good waves. I would go, but my
jungle motor cross bike is crying for some attention, so I will likely
take it for a hoon up to some Alas Purwo attractions such as the
meditation cave, jungle animal viewing tower, and temple. Will likely
organise a trip on the Grandong truck for any guests who want to do a
similar thing… Got a feeling the main break is gonna be tiny tomorrow…

For anyone who is reading this and is coming over soon, or thinking
of coming over soon, don’t despair… There is some reasonably serious
activity in the Indian Ocean brewing, and in a week it looks like we’ll
start firing up in the swell department again.