surf Report In G-land October 6th 2011

Variable conditions going on today, keeping the surf check scene up
front where i ended up acting out most of my day.  Never got drawn into
the feeling to paddle out, but there were waves.  Strange to be seeing
8-10 foot faces running the reef well from a cleanish swell and not
go tap into it.  But then it’s nice to just watch sometimes. 

Seemed like Lower Money’s was the section again.  Just focusing down
there better and the upreef section was fine too.  Even some Inside
Launching Pad connecting into Upper Speedies.  Winds were variable
today, making the evening glass off a good choice to gamble on.  But the
swell was up stronger midday.  So depending on what the desire
was…bigger or cleaner…or if there was enough energy reserved up withing,
you could get both sessions. 

We just got out second Super Silent Deutz generator which is a move
in the right direction.  Less noise is better.  Maybe the tigers will
start coming closer…HAHAHAAA

And the water is still pushing rubber sales up…so bring what you got to keep yourself comfortable.

So you’re the new western ambassador pitch man for G-Land now? Or not?

Difficult to tell. Your grammar is generally passable but certain glitches might suggest that this is actually Made for whom some visiting surfer is writing reports… In other words spam. You will find that your product placements aren’t welcome here. Unless, maybe we are misunderstanding your intentions. Maybe you are offering free stays for us swaylockers?

Great place. Amazing surf and well set up. I always loved that after hours of phenomenal surf, even way the hell out in the heat and jungle, you could reach into a freezer, grab a icy mug (and that’s no bullshit- there is ice on them!), and pour yourself a beer from tap at the end of the day. Even though it was license brewed Carlsbad…it was pretty damn good after a long surf!!!