Surf Rx retro single fin?

Hey everyone,

I have been thinking for a while about getting a Retro single fin by Doc (I would prefer the red, yellow, orange and black resin swirls, looks amazing). I have been looking through the post and found some info on the board but nothing that answers my questions. I have been surfing for 3 years and I am a more laid back surfer but I want to still have some high performance. Will a Doc Retro single fin be a good decision for me and the New Jersey waves that surround me? If not what kind of board would you suggest, should I stay with a tri fin? Will the Single Fin be responsive for a medium experience surfer and still be able to learn some things on it? Also what dimensions would you suggest for someone who is 6’0” and a little more growing to do and weights 160 lbs.


Yes get a single fin!

It will have as much or as little response as you like. for your description of your style a single fin will suit perfectly.

6’3" 20 1/2" 2 3/8" thick will go insane for you. get a good 8-9" fibreglass fin and you’ll be stoked!



lover of the single fin

I agree with Josh, get one.

A single will go as well as you want it to, push its limits and push your limits.

Any modern, well designed single will do. Have fun.

agreed. i’d also like to recommend the Spacecake from Moss Research…great board.


   Straight from outer space - old-school outline with futuristic bottom contours,       rails, and rocker. Forward width, full volume, and relaxed tail rocker makes       this non-retro hull the fastest board in the quiver. The tail features a       fluted wing-pin with a flex fin delivering incredible responsiveness and       control seen by no other single fin. It flies around sections drawing beautiful       lines, and holds incredibly in the tube. Classic paddle and trim with short       board performance. Excels in knee-high mush and is solid up to a few feet       overhead. Available with resin tint and gloss finish.

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Ive got a couple of singles and love em all. IM 6’0 200 lbs and surf a 6’0 brewer that has a pretty full rail profile and a reallly flexi 7 in. fin that works great here at Trestles. Ive tried a bunch of fins and really just like the flexi greenough fins for snappy high performance response. I dont really know what the waves are like in jersey, but if your getting it for more gutless conditions, go with something about 22 inchs wide. It’ll smooth your surfing out tons, and then you can take it where you want it from there

just my 2 cents

i have gone all single fin over the last year or so, so much faster, doesn’t hold back or shake in hollow sections, finding good fins can make small crumy waves so much fun. i’m a full on singly kid now. try one, you won’t be dissapointed.