Surf-Style Street Carver


I built this Surf-style street carving set-up to test deck shapes (pictures below).  The deck is made from 0.5" Baltic Birch core with 6-oz plain weave carbon cloth over 6-oz +/- 45 bi-axial fiberglass on the bottom, with printed cotton fabric on the top.  Resin Research Kwik Kick epoxy was used for lamination and hotcoats.  Tips are 0.25" aluminum plate bent to 35 degree angles.

This project was the first time I worked with carbon, bi-axial FG, cotton fabric, Baltic Birch and RR Kwik Kick epoxy.  Thought this would be good practice.

I was hoping the carbon over bi-axial would make the deck plenty stiff.  Sadly, too much flex – bummer.  The deck was plenty stiff over bricks without tips.  Because I wanted my stance width narrower, this moved the weight distribution more to the center, creating more deck flex.  The added length from tips changed the flex.  

I need to stiffen the deck.  A wider stance will/did definitely reduce flex noticeably.

I figure I will add a layer of 6-oz S-Glass to the top of the deck first.  I figure creating a composite bi-layer to minimize parallel surface movements relative to the core should help to stiffen it up some before trying a wider stance.  This way I might not have to widen the stance too much.


Since the epoxy has already cured, I need to sand the hotcoat over the cotton print so I can laminate the S-glass on the top.  What grit sandpaper should I use to make sure I get a good bond with the cured epoxy?



These are the type of rigs I ride now, built from custom assemblies of commercial parts:




I would make sure the hot coat is good and clean.  I have used Windex (glass cleaner) for de-greasing. Then wipe down good with a clean wet cloth, then dry cloth, and let dry for a few.

I am thinking 100 grit to prep the cured epoxy hot coat before lamming another layer of glass.  Wipe off dust with a clean, dry cloth.

But I am no pro glasser.  Maybe some pros talk next brah.

that thing looks dangerous

Thanks Bodhi.  I feel like 100 grit may cut into the cotton fabric to easily.  I was leaning towards 150-200 grit after a good cleaning.  Felt I should try to get some more input here as Sways.



that thing looks dangerous


Not so much.  Just be sure to wear a good helment and other protective equipment.  I've never been held down too long riding street.

These rigs are the closest thing I've found on land to surfing.