Surf travel: Nicaragua or Mentawai Boat Trip

Hopefully I can get someone with experience traveling to either one of these countries… 

My dilemma is either one of these two.  A deciding factory is, of course, money.  With Nicaragua I can most likely go 2-3 times this years if I decide to, whereas a Mentawai boat trip will be about the same price as 3 Nicaragua trips.  I’m an intermediate surfer and I’m comfortable in overhead to double head waves.  I’ve only surfed North Shore Oahu (when is overhead) but predominately here in Southern California.  My goal for this trip is to improve my surfing ability with an increased wave count.  Any opinions and thoughts will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

Nicaragua, wait untill you have the skills to really enjoy the heavier surf of Indo. Just my opinion. 

Nica is a great trip. Try Dale Daggers camp,

The stay was great. 4 bedroom house on the beach. Service and hospitality awesome. 2 boat trips per day and all you can eat, 3 meals a day. You WILL be surfed out. Pricing was good. Never been to Indo.

Welp booked a ticket to Nicaragua July 12-20th @ Miramar Surf camp.  They have a lot of great reviews.  I’ll post a review once I get back.  Thanks for your opinion.  If anyone has gone on a boat trip to Mentawai I’d be more than glad to hear from you.  And also what sort of surf and who you went with.



 high tide is fun


low tide not so much



I just went to Nicaragua last month with three buddies.  We stayed at Casa Colorados, which is THE house right at the main break at Playa Colorados.  SOOOOO much fun!  Here’s a little video/slideshow I just put together of our trip.  There’s not too many pics of us surfing because, well…we were all SURFING, so the only shots we got were from the local photogs on the beach.  You’ll have a blast.

Never been to any of the two but Nicaragua is on my soon to do list… I will give you a slightly different idea: Northern Hemisphere Summer time, try Peru, especially if you enjoy lefts! Long perfect relatively uncrowded point breaks can do wonders on an intermediate’s style… Costa Rica is also fun, have been there many times although it is much more crowdwd than the first times I went in the 90’s (that’s why I want to try Nicaragua).

On the Winter time, the Caribbean islands can be another great option Tortola is paradise… Puerto Rico, hmmm better to come here with more than intermediate ability and it gets crowded but you say you have surfed the North Shore so maybe you can handle… Have a great trip to Nicaragua and post some photos when you get back!

Good call on Nicaragua,  it is one of Surfline’s “Best Bets” for surf travel from anywhere in the U.S.  The Popoyo Surf Zone is where you want to be and there is plenty of surf in this 15 mile stretch of coastline!  Hope you have a fun trip and score some epic surf!  Post pictures when you return.