surf wax recipe?

anyone got a recipe to make some? its nearly costs the equivalent of $3 over here now! thanks

Paul: Try this link:

If anyone out there can replicate purple “Waxmate” I would be in for a few bucks.Does anyone out there know Mike Doyle?Didn’t he start waxmate,or was it wax research?I long for that smell. R.B.

If you even get the general idea, and IF you make an even ok wax (small or large quantity) it will still cost you a fortune. There is no profit margins in making the stuff for sale or for yourself. To do it right would need chemists with ph.d’s. Better off ordering online at, it will be cheaper than $3.00 a bar for sure. Save time and money, GO SURF.

surf wax recipe mystery myth, my mom eats baby gouda cheeses daily she saves the wax , my beekeeper friends have occasional wax surplus wax from the craft store costs 20.00 my friend gave me some molds and a gallon can ,add left over barbacue heat and some scraped off old wax and every batch tells a story add some vegetable oil [makes it soft} corn oil 1 time olive the next whats that 8 bars of wax cost 24.00 whats to lose… surf boards cost 900.00 apiece too ,Dont some adventurers make their own without hiring chemical engineers? god bless ya lad dont burn the place down do it at the beach with sand casts in lined yoguhrt containers zog used tuna cans every couple months I make lots some sticky kid stuff some base coat some is better than others give out a couple wierd ones and they never negelect to return your wax give em some good batch and they ask for more oh yeah wax paper lining for release soap molds are availiable at the craft store too ITS just another art assignment dig? have fun no one will know you are seriously DONT BURN THE HOUSE DOWN get a candy thermometer amcIII

Aloha Ambrose!!! Such good story… keep`em coming!

Want the smell? Grape Tootsie Pop or grape soda with a sprinkle of cinnamon or clove…not too much now. Honestly, how many times did you take a lick when no one was looking…Loved that greasy stain if left in the back of your mom’s station wagon… Newbs

I could tell you what we used when I worked for Sex Wax but Zog would kill me. The chemist for Zog didn’t have a PHD but a working knowledge of what would allow wax to stick to the smooth surface of the surfboard so we wouldn’t slip off. If you knew some of the stuff that goes into the wax you wouldn’t believe it. In the old days we had to heat it really hot, close to 300, and it would really burn if you spilled it on yourself. One of the waxes that we melted into large ingots and them introduced to the main wax mixture would really stick to your skin and burn big time. Now Zog had refined the process to a real science making each batch the same over and over to the tune of 12,000 bars or more per day. It was fun for a lot of years and I got to surf a lot of good waves at Rincon at lunch time. The purple wax that the guy above was thinking of was Surf Research. Doyle was part of that.