surfacing agent??

I was wondering what the ratio of surfacing agent to resin is?? And, Can you add too much??? If so what are that effects??

I believe it is about a cap full, or 15-20ccs per quart.(?)

If you add too much the agent will try to coagulate(sp) into small wax bb’s. No great harm that I know of except for the void in the resin created by the small wax lumps, and a surface that seems to gum up your disc paper faster.

3 to 5% is the recomended amount.platty.

My memory wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.

My wax solution says 2% by weight.

20cc or 1/4oz per quart

80cc or 2oz per gallon


Add the same amount as you would catalyst. Don’t bother using a bodie bottle with the surfacing agent unless you hotcoat 20 boards a day. The wax clogs the tip of the straw and will leave you sucking out more styrene than wax. And if you do have cloudy or separated surfacing agent, run it under hot tap water. Just make sure to seal the bottle up before you dunk it into the h20.

SA is mostly styrene. I’m told not to exceed 10 percent styrene in the lam resin. That said, I don’t measure SA, just shoot a bunch in with a syringe. I should look up my conversion chart to see how many cc’s of SA equals what percentage, based on a 2-cup batch of hotcoat resin, or 1-cup batch of finish coat.

I make my own SA. There is such a thing as too much wax, it will leave a terribly textured surface, which will gum your sandpaper majorly. I had to hand wet sand with 80 grit once. Don’t overdo it, read the archives, and test! before you commit. Wish I had.