Surfblanks Premium Yellow

For Immediate Release

                                                                                                September 16, 2009



Surfblanks America Announces the Release of Premium Yellow Foam


OCEANSIDE, CA --September 16, 2009—Today Surfblanks America announced the availability of Premium Yellow foam in an extended range of blanks.


Surfblanks Premium Yellow is designed for the WCT level of high performance surfing.  Top surfers in the world are requesting Premium Yellow foam due to its light weight to strength ratio coupled with a great flex pattern.  Premium Yellow is distinguished by a tight cell structure that prevents the absorption of resin during the glassing process, similar to that of the Green density foam currently produced by Surfblanks.  The complete line of Surfblanks foam, including Premium Yellow, can be glassed in either polyester or epoxy resins with fantastic results.


Founded in 1968 Surfblanks is a worldwide leader in the production of premium foam.  The company offers blanks that can accommodate custom rockers, colored foam, or a wide range of stringer combinations.  Surfblanks, quality and confidence your brand can count on!


Surfblanks America
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Oceanside, Ca. 92058