surfboard build in 8,039 steps......pacework

A friend came by to visit while I was lamming the bottom of a 10’ stand up fishing board the other day. He started laughing to himself and goes; “I wonder how far you walk while you do that?” I said, huh, me too. So I snaked wifeys pedometer for shits and giggles. Here are my stats:

Shape shortboard ( already drawn up) …3,182 steps or 1.05 mi

Lam sup deck…1,583 steps
Prep/Lam sb bottom…1,007 steps. Or .333 mi
Sand 3 sb spakle then prep for Lam…1,231 steps
Prep 4 sb for deck Lam…1,830 steps
Lam 4 sb decks…3,384 steps, 1.12 mi
Prep bamboo and spakle sb:…503 steps
Lam sup deck…1,583 steps
Lam and bag cf paddle shaft…299 (most profitable steps)
Carbon rail sup…315 steps
Sand and pinline sup…2,850 steps or .944 mi
Prep 4 sb for hc incl cut fin boxes…1,089 steps

Still have to wear it for an entire build, or maybe just a whole good day of work. Maybe today, its sand-o-rama. Thought some of you would find this amusing.

For comparison. I did 27,000 before lunch break when I was cutting greens on a golf course

Haha I believe it. I was a club wiping cart Bitch through college, you guys are gnarly. Lots of money on those greens.