Surfboard Buoyancy Testing

Assault Boardriders Adopts Buoyancy Rating System

Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand:: Assault Boardriders has just finished buoyancy testing their store inventory of surfboards. SBT ( is stoked to have Assault as their exclusive license at the Mount. Owner Glenn Bright and board buyer Cale Tolley quickly saw the value of having the buoyancy marked on their boards. The information makes it easy to compare boards of similar shape regardless of the construction and together with SBT’s Buoyancy Chart a surfer can select a board suited to their body weight and surfing ability. Successive board’s buoyancy can be adjusted + or – based on your preference and make it easier to dial in a board that works for you. Glenn: “I like to be innovative and try new things in my shop. I think given the variety of boards on the market today it is time for us to provide this sort of information to our customers.” Cale: “I’d come to a point with my own surfing where I was confused with all the board choices. Now I have a point of reference for my next board”

Assault Boardriders

24 Pacific Avenue

Mt Maunganui, New Zealand P: +64 7 575 7831

good to see some people catching up to the sailboard industry. they had volume/displacement on the sailboards in the 80’s. i have been putting in on the written dimensions of my surf boards for over 4 years now.

Volume and buoyancy are two different things

in saying that, we notice that your bouyancy ratings on the boards in the store in NZ are within .2 to .4 litre of the aps3000 volume ratings… not enough for 95% of surfers to tell the difference. but cheers for working on such a project its good to see people catching on to such an important part of board design. did you know that the average top 100 /top 44 wct surfer surfs approx .35 to .36 of a litre volume per kilo of body weight…