Surfboard decking pattern - help needed

I’m building a hollow wooden surfboard and need some help on how to lay out the balsa boards for the bottom deck.  The balsa that I have is not long enough to glue up the whole length, so would it be okay to just butt the cut lengths end to end or do I need to pre-join them at their ends?  I’m planning to use 1/4" balsa on the bottom deck and also plan to glass the inside before I glue it to the frame with 4 oz. cloth.  

So the bottom line question is does the board decking pattern affect strength much if the inside is glassed with 4 oz. cloth?

Thanks for the feedback


wish i could give you an answer. maybe try PMing PaulJensen... good luck

butt join, scarf should be OK if glassed under

glass inside for sense of security - one layer of 4OZ, maybe glass to the frame ?

or you could diaganol plank to save joins: = looks class too ;o)


not sure about balsa top - maybe 4oz under and 4oz or 6oz on top should be OK