'Surfboard Design and Construction' 1975

Is anyone here willing to genuinely share what they’ve solved or learned from this book?  With all do respect, anything more than just being upside, backwards, spinned, flipped…for example, at large you could construct a board(fish) entirely from paint stirring sticks. It’s clear to me that that it’s a mechanical drawing puzzle, heavily influenced on physics and how might it be posibile to literally turn a book into a surfboard; ripping it apart page by page. Ive at least figured out how to make a legit outline for the fish—just as it says, with all mentioned drawing equipment, graph paper, tracing paper, etc… please do share. Also, let me know if I should forget about it altogether. Thanks.

Yeah, just forget about it.

load off my mind.  except i realized that theres a lot of books that can be taken apart and traced [redrawn] like car manuals for instance. mercy…